Where can I find my rating?

You will be able to find your star-rating in your staffer profile.

How do I rate a business?

Once you have completed a job and clocked out, you will be able to rate the business from 1 to 5 stars, after how satisfied you are with the job.

How does rating system work?

Please ensure that you do rate businesses to reflect how they have organised everything during your shift.

The 5-star rating system works as the following:

1 Star Bad

2 Stars Not satisfied

3 Stars Decent

4 Stars Satisfied

5 Stars Good place to work

How do I complain about my rating?

If you feel like you have received an unfair rating for numerous reasons, you can send a complaint to Staffers Support. Staffers will then take this complaint into consideration, and take the decisions to either remove it or keep it based on the reason you have stated.

Why should I rate the business?

It is very important that you as a staffer rates the businesses your work for. This will ensure that businesses operate in a professional matter, and also give future staffers an idea of how well organised the business is.

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