Tags on jackets/bags system

  • The most common way to work in a wardrobe is to exchange a jacket, bags etc with a tag/number. Organize the jackets on racks. When the customer comes back to get their jacket, you can look at the tag/number and can easily locate it.

  Speaking to guests 

When the guest approaches you, smile, say hello and ask them how many jackets they want to put in the wardrobe. 

Give them the tag/number for the jackets, before hanging them up.


Too intoxicated customer?

  • If you believe the customer is too intoxicated, you should inform a security guard if they are in the establishment. Otherwise, you should either inform the manager or the bartenders so they know to stop serving the customer. It is not your job to tell them to quit drinking or to throw them out.

Aggressive customer

  • If a customer is aggressive then get the manager or the security. It is not your job to calm him down. 

Lost number/name tag? 

  • If a customer has lost their number/name tag, don't waste time looking for it, ask them to write down their phone number and tell them that you will be in touch. DO NOT give out anything if the customer has lost there tag/number. If they have lost their tag, you can ask the customer to stay until the end of the night when it is easier to locate their jacket(s).

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