Yes, Staffers can be hired!

Section 3.6 under Hire Obligations. In the event a customer/employer desires to hire a Staffer directly outside the platform, the customer will notify Staffers AS and subsequently be billed 3000 NOK for the direct hiring or engaging a Staffer outside the platform. This can easily be reported through your business admin accessed through business login at, under the payment section.

If the hire is not reported or is reported later than one month after hiring, Staffers AS will invoice a fee of 10 000 NOK.

These obligations apply:

  • Any Staffer who worked for an Employer will be considered as a direct-hire for 6 months since their last job for the employer through the platform. 

  • Still applicable if the Staffer applies directly through the website, etc. 

  • Applies to the entire company, anyone from your company that hires someone will be charged 3000 NOK.

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