You can only post Event Jobs if you are a;

  • Event venue

  • Event company

  • Catering company

  • Hotell with events/banquets 

An event job can only be posted by companies that are permitted to have "freelancers" (oppdragstaker) instead of a hiring agreement (midlertidig ansatt)
due to Norwegian working laws. 

Posting an event job versus a temporary shift 

Posting an event job is very similar to a regular shifts. But on event jobs, you will also have two new designated fields. 

  • One for a custom location
    - must include: Address, street number, postal code and place

  • One for transport and housing

How to post an event job

Firstly you have to log into you company admin, click here to get redirected.

Secondly, follow the steps showing in the pictures posted below. Click the picture to enlarge it if your sharpness is bad.

Fill all the fields to specifically get it after your terms, then press 'Add Shift' to edit the hours and the amount of Staffers you are looking for.

When everything is set after your preferences, press 'Add' and then 'Post Job'.

You have now successfully posted your event job.

After a completed Event job

3 steps

  1. After you complete an event job, you need to approve the worked hours. 

  2. Staffers Event AS will send an invoice with all hours worked + our service fee.

  3. When the invoice is paid everything is done. Simple as that!

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