Events jobs

When you are working "Events jobs" through Staffers. We have a setup that will make it super easy for you to get paid and track your upcoming and previous salaries.

After a job is done and the hours are approved. Our system automatically registers this in Dipps. Your hours are imported by the 31st of every month. So you will always get paid on the 1st of every month.

You can track your salary by logging into Dipps here.

Our partner Dipps AS will pay your salary for event jobs. They collect your tax card and solve all administrative work for you.

Usually in Norway, to work as a freelancer you need to register a lot of different papers, have your own company or ENK, handle taxes, etc. But we have solved all this for you through Dipps, so you will only receive a wage to your bank account, with tax deducted. You can read more about how Dipps handle it here.

Because we know the hard work people in the hospitality industry do, we have set the minimum wage to 199 NOK per hour on event jobs.

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