Busy season is upon us and we at staffers are noticing an influx in shifts. To succeed and fill the most shifts, here are our best tips and tricks.

  • Add shifts early ⏲ī¸

    Do you know you might need someone next Saturday? Add the shift as soon as possible to ensure you'll get some staffers.

  • Raise the wage 💰

    It's a staffers market, and as there's multiple shifts available each day, we recommend setting the wage to above 220 NOK. This is equivalent to 265,- NOK per hour when posting Event jobs.

  • Add information ℹī¸

    The staffers might be unsure on what's expected of them when they arrive. By adding more information, you eliminate questions they might have, and make your shift more attractive.

  • Add a personal touch 👋

    Have any staffers worked for you before? Send them a message, thank them on their last job, and ask them if they want to come back.
    We also recommend sending all new staffers working for you a personal message before their first shift, or even set up a short call (you can always call staffers directly from their profile).

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