Can other managers within my business have access to the business profile?

Add other managers

Written by ThomLast update 3 years ago

Yes, you can easily add your management team. Once added, they will have access to your business profile. 

To do this, log onto your profile on the webpage and check under the 'company profile' tab.

Then press 'invite managers'.

When you pressed 'invite managers' this pop-up window will appear

In this window you are acquired to fill the managers information, in this case e-mail and phone number.

If you want to send this invitation by textmessage, you check the box that says 'use custom message'.

Then you will get up the option to write a custom message which will be sent to the new managers phone, alongside with the invitation link.

In addition the manager will also get this invitation by e-mail.

When you are done you simply hit 'send invite'.

If you have further questions to this matter, you can check out our 'how to' tutorials. Just follow this link:

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