Cancellation policy

Cancel, cancellation

Written by ThomLast update 1 year ago

It’s important to us that the staffers make it to the shifts they're hired for. If they fail to do so, we may suspend their account.

To make the cancellation policy simple and fair, we operate with a three-strikes policy. As soon as a staffer reaches three strikes, their account will be suspended.

  • Cancelling more than 72 hours before a shift = no strikes

  • Cancelling between 48 and 6 hours before a shift = 1 strike

  • Cancelling less than 6 hours before a shift = 2 strikes

They are told to notify their employer as soon as they know they cannot show up for the shift. They will do so via the app and are not allowed to contact the employer by any other means.

As an employer, you can at any time see the strikes the staffers have received and cancellations they have made in their profile.

They have the chance to appeal to us within 5 days if they disagree in the outcome.

Yes, they can redeem themselves. We will remove 1 strike for every 3x shifts with top ratings (*5).

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