How Staffers work

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Written by ThomLast update 2 years ago

Staffers AS do not hand out jobs, you need to apply for the shifts or job ads that is on the platform.

When a business post a shift/ads, you can apply on the once that match your previous experience after we have talked to your references and given you access to the platform.

The business that posts the shift or job ad is the one that chooses the worker.

If you are accepted to a shift, they are listed in "My jobs" under "upcoming" 

When you are accepted to a shift, you can communicate with the business through the chat in the job post. Go to "My jobs" -> select the shift and scroll down to Messages business" 

When you work a shift our payment partner will pay your salary at the 1st of the upcoming month. They will also make sure that taxes and other social costs are taken care of. 😊

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