How to vet your staffers?

Vetting process, ratings

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Staffers are made by hospitality professionals, for hospitality professionals and we pride ourselves on our great network.
Before a Staffer is given access to positions, we check their work history and references. We still recommend you do your own vetting to ensure you are getting your needs and expectations met.

Here's a list of our best tips and tricks

📄 Check their CV

Have a look at their past experience and/or their CV. Have they worked at similar places like yours before?

📱 Talk to them

Take a vibe check! Maybe they have a great CV, but haven't worked any shifts yet? Take 2 minutes and give them a call or send them a message.

✏️ Write an accurate job description

The more you are able to clarify what your needs are, the more likely you'll get applicants who can fulfil them. Let them know before they apply what is expected.

🌟 The rating system
The star of the show! Every time a staffer works a shift, the business will get an option to rate them. See their score and click on their rating to see where they have worked and in which position.

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