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Let's Get Started!

Did you get an invite via email? Click on the link you’ve gotten and register a user profile with your own unique password! Be sure to choose a password you’ll remember! (Not invited yet? Reach out to one of the admins and ask them to invite you).

You're in? Great! Let me walk you through the system.


Your main page. Add a profile picture! This picture will be attached to all your posted shifts and job ads. You can edit your information on this page as well. Click “Edit” and add in all the necessary information about your place, and save the edits.


INTERNAL: here you’ll find both your own group of employees and employees within the group.

Internal Employees are employees in the whole group that have claimed their profile.

Internal Invites are those from your own location that have not claimed their profile.

Location Employees is a list of your own employees, both claimed and unclaimed profiles.

All Employees are employees across locations within the group. Note, that you only see employees that have downloaded the app.

INVITES: here you’ll get a more clear overview of who have claimed and not claimed their profiles. This is a good place to work with and nudge those employees that need more attention.

Now, what do we do with these green buttons? Click here to see the step by step on “assign to positions”. Note, that before you do this - have you integrated Planday yet? If not, go to the “Integrations” section.

CONTRACTS: here you’ll find all contracts for previous employees that have worked at your place (or accepted a shift).

Use this toolbar to quickly find the relevant or specific employee by their names.


SHIFTS: An overview of current and previous shifts, in chronological order by dates.

JOB ADS: An overview of your current and previous job ads.

You can also switch between the both in the upper black colored tab.

Click on the drop down to the left under the months it’s regarding for previous shifts.


We will walk you through this when the time is near, but if you need a refresher then click here!


You may add or remove admins/managers here by inviting them via their email address. They will get a link in their email inbox to register as you did in the beginning. Those you invite will have the same access as you. You will also find “terms and conditions” and “privacy policy”. Make sure “Payment Settings” is correct.


Have you already done this during the onboarding with one of our Customer Success representatives? If not, or if you just need a refresher then click here.


Click here and follow the steps on how-to post internal shifts.

Click here and follow the steps on how-to post a job ad.


Click here and follow the steps on how-to post external shifts.

Click here and follow the steps on how-to post a job ad.



Click on the rubik's cube on the top left corner for an overview of all actions made within the group. You’ll find both external and internal shifts, and also upcoming along with completed shifts.


Are you stuck or have questions, concerns or feedback - then don’t hesitate to dial the number in the top left corner.

.. or chat with us by clicking on the green icon down below to the left with a message bubble on it. You can also search for helpful articles here.

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