Our best tips for a great job ad

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Before you start writing, is it important to think about what value you give to your employees? Do you have a good professional environment with a focus on development? Do you allow your chefs to experiment and further develop the menu? Maybe you offer the industry's best salary and pension terms?

Make your workplace attractive!

😄 Picture

Choose an image that not only represents you as a company, and shows candidates what it's like to work for you. Did you know that we are biologically more attracted to faces? Show off your great colleagues!

✅ Choose requirements carefully

A fantastic candidate can be scared away by high and strict requirements. Focus on what is essential and what can be learned. Is the most important thing to find someone who fits into the culture, or who knows everything about Japanese knives?

🤔 Show what it is like to work with you

If you think about it, what is it about your workplace that brings you joy? It may almost seem as if everyone today has "a good work environment and exciting tasks", but what makes the work environment good, and how are the tasks exciting? What projects are you working on that a new person will take part in?

☝️ Speak directly to the applicant

A simple trick is to use twice as many "you" as "I" and "we". "You will take part in", "you will learn more about", and "you will contribute to" are great ways to start a sentence. Make it easy for them to already feel like they're part of your team when they read the ad.

🇬🇧 Write in English

Hospitality is perhaps the most international industry we have in Norway. Write to your applicants in a language they understand.

ğŸ˜Ž Make the application process easy

We at Staffers offer a process that is simple for both you as an employer and for your applicants.

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