Barback duties


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Things to bring to the bar (in correct order)
  • Clean glasses

  • Ice 

  • Stock fridges

  • Liquor 

  • Mixers

  • Garnish

  • Straws

  • Napkins 

Bar preparation

How to cut fruit,shape & sizes

Cutting limes

Cutting lemons

Lime/lemon wedge slices

Pressing lemon and lime juice

How to make sugar syrup

Preparing egg whites for cocktails


  • Always make sure that all the toilets have toilet paper, soap and something the customer can dry their hands on. keep it clean, wipe down the sink if there a lot of spilled water.

  • Cloths, In every restaurant/bar/nightclub, they have clothes with different colors, the color represents what the cloth is used for. 

for example: 

  •      Blue - Clean zone

  •      Red - Dirty zone

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