Before and when arriving at the business

Before-work, before work

Written by ThomLast update 4 years ago
  • Before your shift, make sure that you have the right shoes and working clothes as requested by the business. This information will usually be found in the job-post description, but otherwise, the general clothing for front of house is all black with black shoes. 

    • Remember to bring all the necessary tools such as bottle opener, wine opener, notepad and bar towel, etc.

    • Make sure you have good hygiene and be there on time. 

    • When arriving at the establishment, meet the manager on duty to go through the work routines, introduce yourself to the staff and also punch in.

    • If you work in the entry or in the wardrobe and you are not sure how the operation system or the bank terminals work, it is recommended to be there a few minutes ahead and ask for instructions. 

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