Dishwasher guidelines

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What order to wash?

  • Always wash the items that are most in use first. 

  • Always wash beer and wine glasses in a separate dishwasher than the rests of the dishes. This is to prevent ruining the glasses.  

  • Restock clean dishes and glasses in the right places so they can be found easily by the rest of the staff. 

  • Bring clean kitchen equipment back into the kitchen. 

  • Never put kitchen knives in the dishwasher. 

  • Always make sure that everything has been washed and the dish area is clean before leaving work. 

  • Always keep a clean section and a dirty section. 


In every restaurant/bar/nightclub, they have clothes with different colors, the color represents what the cloth is used for. 

For example: 

  •      Blue - Clean zone

  •      Red - Dirty zone

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