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Behaviour moving around guests 

Speaking to guests 

  • When you work as a runner, you are supposed to greet the customer, but your focus should be on helping the waiters with the service. If a customer starts talking to you, then be polite, speak clearly and keep eye contact. if you cannot answer their question, get a waiter or manager and they will take it from there.

Taking orders?

  • If a customer asks you to take an order, you politely tell them that you cannot, but you will get a waiter to service them.

Half empty glasses?

  • If you see a guest that has a half-empty glass or less, and they have not touched it in a while, you can politely ask to remove it. 

Placing people at tables?

  • If a waiter asks you to seat a customer at a table then they will show you where to go. If a customer asks you to give them a table, then politely tell them that you will get a waiter to do this as soon as possible.

Tap on the shoulder when moving behind co-workers 

  • A tap on the shoulder is a sign that you're behind the person you're tapping. Whenever you walk behind a bartender or someone else that doesn't see you, give them a tap on the shoulder to let them know that you are behind them. 


Too intoxicated customer?

  • If you believe that a customer is too intoxicated, you should inform a security guard closest to you. Otherwise, you should either inform the manager or the bartenders, so they know to stop serving the customer. It is not your job to tell them to stop drinking or to throw them out.

Aggressive customer

  • If a customer is aggressive then get the manager or the security. It is not your job to calm them down. 

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