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How to stack plates/glasses

How to stack wine glasses

How to carry multiple plates

Setting tables

Clearing empty plates

How to set tables

How to polish glasses

Always have something in your hands when moving from the service area and back, vise-versa!

Always supply the service area with the necessary supplies such as: 

  • Clean glasses

  • Clean cutlery

  • Clean dishes

  • Folded napkins

  • Clean trays

  • Salt and pepper, ketchup etc. 


  • Always make sure that all the toilets have toilet paper, soap and something the customer can dry their hands on. keep it clean, wipe down the sink if there a lot of spilled water.


  • In every restaurant/bar/nightclub, they have clothes with different colors, the color represents what the cloth is used for. 

for example: 

  •      Blue - Clean zone

  •      Red - Dirty zone

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