How to accept an employee to a shift

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Follow these steps displayed on the images below. Follow the red boxes.

Choose the designated shift in the 'upcoming' box.

When you choose the actual shift, you will see what the image below shows.

The marked red box gives you four different options.

  • If you press the blue icon (the eye) you will be able to view the applicant's profile. On their profile, you can see previous experience and experience level on the different positions that you have in your company.

  • If you press the green thumbs-up icon you accept this employee to the shift. A pop-up window will appear when it is pressed, where you will have to sign a temporary contract to proceed. When this is completed, the designated employee is accepted and the shift is filled.

  • If you press the red thumbs-down icon you will deny this employee the shift. When you press it a pop-up window will appear, to assure that you pressed the right button. If you want to deny this employee the shift, you simply press 'yes' to confirm that in the pop-up window. If it was a misclick you press 'no' when the pop-up appears.

  • The last icon (4th from the left) is a 'chat box'. If you press this option you automatically will start a chat conversation with this specific employee. This is useful if there is something that you would like to sort out before the shift starts. If you want to know more about the chat function there are video tutorials for it. You can follow either of these links to learn more about it: How to navigate in the chat or How to start a chat in company admin.

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