How to post an external shift

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Written by ThomLast update 2 years ago

To post an external job, log in to your company admin and press 'Create Job' as displayed on the image below.

When you click on 'Create Job' a pop-up window will appear. This window is for internal jobs. To post an external job click the button marked on the image below saying 'Or Create External Job'.

Choose the type of job you would like to post to the external network, in this case temporary job.

When you proceed here, the next step is very similar to the internal temporary jobs.

Here you filled all the information in this window, press '+ADD SHIFT' which is marked on the image below. Then you will get the option to manage the date and time of the job.

When this is finished, you will get back to the same window. Simply press 'Post Job' to post the job to the external network.

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