How to post an internal shift

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Written by ThomLast update 1 year ago

Let's get started on posting internal shifts to your and your group's employees. 😊

  1. Click on Create internal job

  2. Click Add shift and fill inn Start time, no of positions and Date
    You can add multiple dates at once

  3. Fill in the information
    Position - Which position are you looking for?
    Wage - Decide to set a wage per hour or offer the same as in their contract
    Uniform - How should they dress?
    Tasks - These task needs to be checked when they leave
    Additional information - Don't be shy, tell them what's expected. The more information added, the more they know about what to expect
    Job notification - Which manager should be notified about this job

  4. Post job to everyone or Offer job to someone you have had working with you before.

PS: Take your time filling out the shift information the first time, the next time you are adding a shift for the same position all information is saved.

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