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Written by ThomLast update 1 year ago

If you submit your cancellation 48 hours before the shift starts, then it'll automatically cancel. The same applies to businesses if they cancel your shift 48 hours before.

  • Cancelling more than 48 hours before a shift = immediate effect and no strikes

  • Cancelling between 47 and 6 hours before a shift = 1 strike

  • Cancelling less than 6 hours before a shift = 2 strikes

  • No Show = immediate suspension / block

❗Keep in mind that your profile will be blocked after receiving the third strike!

Make sure to notify your employer as soon as you know you cannot show up for the shift. You can do so in app. Do not contact them outside of the app.

OBS: The employers can at any time see the strikes you have received and cancellations you have made in your profile.

You have 5 days to submit an appeal to if you disagree with the outcome. Yes, you can redeem yourself. We will remove 1 strike for every 3x shifts with top ratings (*5).

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