Exemption card

exemption card.

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Divide your exemption card between several employers

You must have an exemption card before you can allocate the tax-free amount between your employers. You must also be an online user.

How to adjust your tax card/exemptions card.

  1. Log in.

  2. Find the name of the company you are going to/have worked for in the list. (PayoutPartner)

  3. Set what amount you are going to earn from this employer/business. (ex. 1250 NOK). If you have multiple employers as most Staffers do, you must divide the amount amongst them, but it cannot pass the maximum amount of (60.000 NOK). This means you can adjust the different amounts between the employers over time, but if you have already earned a salary from a business, the minimum amount you already earned must be listed here. 

  4.   Add what amount plan to earn on the job in the right column. 

  5. Press "send".

If you do not do this before the business given salary period, the business is obligated to tax you, 50% tax of the total amount earned on the job. 

You can also read more about it here. 


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