How to have a good Staffer Profile

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How can you convince the employers to notice your profile in the same instant they look at it? A way to do that is having a clear and approachable profile picture, and also a compelling and short statement of main points. Your profile should look professional and show off all your skills and experiences in one brief go.

Example l (bullet points)

  • Experienced waitress with a polite and friendly demeanor

  • Skilled at working in fast-paced environments

  • Extremely good memory and able to memorize menus quickly and without fault

  • Previous experience includes working in Restaurant X and Bar Y

  • ... and more

Example ll (a short and concise summary)

Hardworking waiter who thrives under pressure and goes above and beyond to create unforgettable guest experiences. I have X years of experience serving up to X dinner guests. I am successful at multi-tasking, and maintaining a positive attitude and a great sense of humor during peak hour. I am always punctual and an enthusiastic team player. Skills : Organized, comitted team player, quick problem solver, courteous, professional demeanor, up-selling capability, flexible schedule capability

... and more

Example lll

Add a video. A simple introductory video answering these examples:

  • Your name and profession. Ex. My name is Natalie and I'm a bartender at X bar. If you don't have any experiences then mention that, and the desire of gaining more as you go. Include age and/or nationality if you want, but not a must.

  • Your experiences. Ex. I have worked in the restaurant business for X years/months, and wishes to further excel in this profession. If no experiences, then just simply tell why and how you want to gain more experiences.

  • Tell them more about yourself. Ex. I like to cook and read in my spare time. TED-talks are my joy, and I also like to discover new cultures and culinaries. Do regard yourself as a storyteller, and be charming and engaging while you speak.

  • Finish strong. Ex. I am reliable and always punctual. I know how to make people smile and find myself quite friendly and funny. I tend to succeed in everything I do as I believe in myself. Do you believe in me so far? Make a statement, and perhaps ask a question at the end to make them want to actually know you more?

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