I do not have access

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Written by ThomLast update 4 years ago

We need to talk to the person(s) you listed in the "previous experience" filed before giving you access to the platfrom. here is some criteria and some pointers to speed up the prossess:

  • If you have listed your previous experience, but still waiting for access, its because we have tried to call them but they did not answer. It can then help if you inform them that we are trying to reach them so they are expecting our call.

  • Because of the strict drinking and serving laws we have in Norway. We need to know that you have experience with it before giving you access, thats why we only call references with a Norwegian phone number. 

  • If you did not listed anyone, you need to do that.
    Open the app and go to "Profile" then click "Edit" Then scroll down to the green button saying "Add experience

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