Last-minute shifts

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Written by ThomLast update 2 years ago

Are you considering applying on a last minute shift? Great! However, make sure that you can make it to the shift before doing so. If your request gets accepted then the contract is binding. The employer has two hours to respond though, so if you don't hear back within two hours - then the system will re-direct the request back to you. Meaning, you will have to re-confirm whether you can do the shift at this point or not.

PS: if you apply for a shift that starts in less than two hours, then make sure you are online to make notice on whether employer approves or not. We at Staffers are unable to assist you on this, so the responsibility is solely on you should you gamble on applying on a last-minute shift - less than two hours away 😼 The best of luck!! 🤞

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