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Written by ThomLast update 1 year ago

No experience? No problem. We have many success stories where a Staffer had no experiences at all - that either got hired by taking on a shift, or that got noticed by getting 5-star ratings from previous employers.

We will not exclude anyone from the platform, but for you with little to no experiences - you will always get permission to apply on entry-level shifts such as Cover, Event Crew, Wardrobe, etc. You can always ask us to review your profile again as you gain experiences and good ratings from previous work done 🌟

PS: it's trickier with job ads. We at Staffers deliver a tool to connect employers with job seekers. We have no control over who employers pick. It's entirely up to them. It's however not impossible to get noticed and hired for a job you aren't qualified for! It all boils down to how good of a profile you have so follow this link for tips, HERE.

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