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Written by ThomLast update 9 months ago

Have you applied on a shift and it still says "Waiting for Approval" in orange? This means the employer has not accepted and/or confirmed your application. Are you perhaps wondering why that is? There are multiple reasons:

  1. The employer doesn't need anyone after all, or has the shift as back up

  2. Employer is still considering among applicants

  3. Do you feel like your profile stands out? No? Maybe upgrade it? Look here 😈

You may apply for other shifts. You can actually apply on as many shifts as you'd like! The moment you get accepted and hired somewhere, then all other applications in the same time frame will be cancelled. This is to avoid double bookings for yourself!

PS: Please note that the hiring manager has a window of 2 hours to respond/react. In the event that they approve your application after 2 hours, then the invitation goes back to you to re-confirm - this is to make sure that you're still available or that you're still interested.

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