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Can't apply on certain positions?

Written by NatalieLast update 1 month ago

Are you seeing some positions being greyed out? It means we have not unlocked these positions for you as we cannot verify this skill set of yours. If you have relevant experiences to certain positions then add it to your profile with a reference number (overseas number is valid too). Why not add a CV while at it? We'll review asap!

Requirements to unlock positions:

  • Minimum six months of experience: Chef, Bartender, Waiter.

  • Minimum three months of experience: Barista, Kitchen Assistant, Pizzaiolo, Host/Hostess.

  • Minimum one month of experience: Runner, Barback, Dishwasher, Cleaner, Housekeeper.

  • No minimum: Cover, Wardrobe, Cashier, Event Crew.

Nudge us in the chat if we haven't detected your update for more than 48 hours. Human glitches happen to the best of us 🤓

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