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Written by ThomLast update 1 day ago

We often get asked on how much we deduct from our Staffers' payments.

The answer to this is: 0%.

(Well, we do deduct 1,6kr an hour from your working hours to ensure your safety. Yes, for insurance. I mean, better safe than sorry?)

Your only responsibility is to have your tax card updated and uploaded on Altinn, + have your payment details in the app added correctly. PayoutPartner handles your payments and deducts with whatever says on your tax card and nothing else 😺

PS: we at Staffers have been in the hospitality business as well! We know the hustle and struggle in this industry, so our whole purpose is to better our Staffers' work-life balance and to make it as simple as possible. Apply, show up to work, get paid! ✅

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