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Everything you need to know about the rating system 🙏

When rating will appear:

Your total ratings will appear as soon as you have completed five shifts via minimum two different businesses 🌟 you will only see an accumulated number as your rating.

Where to find your rating:

You can locate your rating on your profile in the app 📱

How to rate a business:

You will be able to rate the business right after you have clocked out from your shift(s). Please do add a comment so we can keep ourselves updated and do better if any. PS: The business will not see your individual rating or comment 🤗

Why you should rate a business:

It is very important that you as a staffer rate the businesses your work for. This will ensure that businesses operate in a professional manner and also give future staffers an idea of how well-organized the business is 🎖️

How to complain on an unfair rating:

If you feel like you have received an unfair rating, then have your reasons sent to or write to us in the chat ✍️

How it works:

The 5-star rating-system works as follows:

1 = Very dissatisfied

2 = Dissatisfied

3 = OK

4 = Satisfied

5 = Very satisfied

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